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We have selected some of our most frequently asked questions and listed them below.

Parcel Connect is a leading courier network in Ireland & Northern Ireland, which allows customers to send parcels from any location (i.e. from home or work) to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Parcel Connect offers a distinct SEND service offering:

  1. The customer can arrange for the collection/pick up of a parcel from any chosen location.
  2. The courier will then collect the parcel and send the parcel to the delivery address that the customer has provided when making their booking online. This avoids post office queues, and provides all customers with a quick and easy send service!
  1. When sending a parcel, you simply need to complete all shipment and delivery fields on the ‘send’ page.
  2. Upon completion of all shipment details, you will be able to select a time and date for the courier to pick up your parcel.
  3. Following this you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number and your booking invoice.
  4. Package well your items in your parcel and await courier pick up (pick up is the date selected upon booking.)
  5. You can then track your parcels journey once it has been collected by the courier.
  1. When booking your parcel, we will ask you to select a date when the parcel will be ready for collection.
  2. You'll be contacted the evening before or the morning of the scheduled collection when the courier will be in your area, *within an approximate three hour window. (*depending on peak periods and unforeseen restrictions.)
  3. Your parcel will be delivered within *24-48 hours within Northern Ireland and Ireland and within 3 working days to Great Britain. (*depending on peak periods and if there are unavoidable transportation delays.)
  4. Note: In some instances the person we are delivering to won’t be at home to receive the parcel. If this happens, we'll leave them a calling card to let them know we tried to deliver the parcel and to contact the Courier Franchisee/depot to rearrange delivery.
  1. When a courier goes to pick up your parcel from you directly, the Courier Franchisee/depot will take the label(s) with them.
  1. You can arrange a next day collection up to 6pm the day before. (However we advise booking even prior to this, in the case of any unavoidable or unforeseen delays).
  2. Any orders we receive after 6pm will be collected two working days later. e.g. an order placed before 6pm on a Monday can be collected on the Tuesday but an order placed after 6pm on a Monday cannot be collected until the Wednesday.
  1. You're sent a confirmation email with all the transaction details and tracking number(s), once the transaction is complete and we have received payment.
  2. If you haven't received the confirmation email within five minutes please check your spam/junk folder.
  3. If you still haven’t received an email please contact us directly via the contact details on our website.
  1. We don’t want you to have to take a day off work or spend your day waiting for us. We'll contact you the evening before or the morning of the scheduled collection to let you know *when we'll be in your area. (*within an approximate three hour window)
  2. If you need to pop out during the collection window, you could leave the parcel in a safe pick up location e.g. garage or a shed but you must contact the Courier Franchisee/depot to let them know where you have left the parcel. The Courier Franchisee/depot will confirm if they agree to this as this is not common practice.
  3. If this isn’t possible, we'll leave you a note to say we've tried to pick up the parcel. However, if the parcel isn't ready when you have stated, your Courier Franchisee/depot is under no obligation to return to your address.
  4. We'll deem this as an attempted pick up and you'll have to order and pay for another collection via our website.

Parcel Connect is a leading courier network in Ireland & Northern Ireland, which allows customers to send parcels from any location (i.e. from home or work) to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Parcel Connect offers a distinct SEND service offering:

  1. We operate a parcel pick up/collection and delivery service. This means that all items must be securely and sufficiently packaged to protect ALL contents.
  2. Your parcel will be handled several times by hand as it travels through our system. All items must be cushioned, protected, have suitable outer packaging and the corners protected.
  3. If the item is not correctly packaged the Courier may refuse to collect it or if the contents aren't protected adequately, any claim/cover will be invalidated if damage occurs during transportation/transit.
  4. Parcel packaging guideline to be followed at all times:
    1. Find the proper size box. Boxes which are too small may be liable to puncture outward and boxes that are too large are likely to collapse if another parcel is placed on top of it during delivery.
    2. Choose a good quality box - look for double-walled boxes, especially for deliveries that contain fragile items.
    3. Recycling packaging is encouraged; just make sure that the box isn’t ripped or punctured before you use it.
    4. Make use of cushioning items such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, even newspaper to pad everything. Whatever you choose, make sure that it's enough to prevent any damage. More fragile items will require more careful packing.
    5. Secure everything with packing tape - once you have the right box and packing material, it’s simply a matter of taping it all up, so it doesn’t open during transport. Make sure that you use packing tape for this process. Regular tape usually isn’t strong enough to secure a parcel properly.
  1. For home, office and other parcel pick up locations the weight limit is 30kg or cubic equivalent.
  2. The cubic weight is the parcel's volume in cubic metres, multiplied by 167.
  3. Why is cubic weight important? The pricing for sending parcels is based on the greater of the actual weight and cubic weight. It's important you calculate this as the courier can refuse to pick up your parcel otherwise.
  4. How do I calculate cubic weight? Cubic weight = Height x Width x Length x 167
  5. The units should be metres.


    cubing guide diagram

  • For parcels sent within Ireland: A maximum of 2 metres in length (sent from home, office or other location - collected by courier).

  • For parcels sent in the UK: A maximum of 1.5 metres in length and 3 metres in length and girth combined. (sent from home, office or other location - collected by courier).

  • How do I calculate the girth of my parcel? The total size of each parcel for UK deliveries must not exceed 3 metres – this is calculated by measuring the parcel around the thickest part and adding this value to the height of the parcel. This is the standard procedure for measuring parcel sizes for UK operators such as Parcel Force and Yodel.

  • The total maximum size of parcels sent from home, office or other locations is 30kg dead or cubic equivalent as explained in the previous section 1.0. If the cubed weight is greater than the dead weight, the cubed rate will be used to calculate your quote.
  • Example:

  1. The cost is based on the greater of the dead weight and cubed weight of your parcel, so you'll need to fill in the weight of the parcel. To offer you the most competitive prices, we've broken down our weights to the below. You can select which weight to choose when booking your parcel:
    • < 2kg
    • 2kg - 5kg
    • 5kg - 15kg
    • 15kg - 30kg
    The correct weight label must be purchased for the weight of your parcel(s). If a lower weight label is purchased, our Courier is not obliged to pick your parcel up and you'll have to order and pay for another collection via our website.
  1. Hazardous or dangerous goods such as flammables, toxins, acid, aerosols, oils, fuels, second hand car parts, paints and asbestos.
  2. Animals, pets or livestock.
  3. Chemicals or cement.
  4. oversized/overweight freight (exceeding 30kg or cubic equivalent for home, office or other collection location).
  5. freight in excess of 2 meters in length within Ireland and Northern Ireland and in excess of 1.5 meters in length going to Great Britain.
  6. Large Electrical and fagile items.
  7. Antiques.

The following items may be carried but at owner's risk and are therefore uninsured:

  1. Items containing glass.
  2. Foodstuffs requiring refrigeration or any food not packed or that may deteriorate if exposed.
  3. Legal tender including cash, gold and precious gems.

Please refer to the Conditions of Carriage for further details.

You'll need to include all individual parcels on your order. You have the option to select multiple parcels when ordering. This ensures each parcel is fully insured and is given its own individual tracking number. Remember, our prices are per parcel.

During the booking process, all information must be thoroughly checked and confirmed before proceeding to payments. After this time, no amendments may be made. You may cancel the contract at any time by sending an email with the label numbers to the email address provided on your confirmation email.

Note: Please note that any fees charged by us for the services are non refundable however even when the booking is cancelled.

We're unable to collect on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays. We operate Monday to Friday only.

In the unlikely event that your parcel can't be collected for reasons beyond our control, our Courier Franchisee will contact you to arrange an alternative solution / collection time. We're committed to a very high standard of customer service and will endeavour to expedite delivery of your parcel if such circumstances arise.

No. All deliveries must have a valid address as we require a signature to deliver the parcel.

From the moment the parcel is scanned when we pick it up, you can see where the parcel is. On the main menu you will see an option to track parcel. Enter your tracking number here and click ‘Track’ button to check your parcel’s status.

The only way to arrange a pick-up and delivery is via this website. We don't take orders over the phone

We accept payment with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and Laser.

Yes we do. Each parcel is covered for to £30. However, there are some items that aren't covered by our insurance policy such as glass.

To view comprehensive lists please consult the section. Items you don’t carry?

If your parcel was sufficiently packaged and damage has occurred, cover on your parcel is covered up to the value of £30 on each parcel. You must fill in the Parcel Connect insurance claim form and email it to within 24 hours of the parcel being delivered along with a photo of the damage.

Some types of items aren't covered by our insurance. We will contact you if your item is outside our cover regulations. In the unlikely event that your parcel has been confirmed as lost, please complete the claim form by clicking on the link below (insurance on your parcel is covered up to the value of /£30).